Oh LOVE, you big old mesmerizing beautiful love. Mystery at its peak. Captivating beyond measure. And a trickster, yes that's what you are =)


There is something that wanders

Wanders to you

From me

In circles

It wonders if you

Wonder sometimes

How it would be

To love me


Changing habits - the only way to evolve, isn't it? :) Don't judge yourself by your past choices. Love yourself for who you are today. Build a foundation so strong that nothing can throw you off your path tomorrow. <3


Steady I stand before you

Steady I stand be...

The feeling when you dive into water and sound and vision dissolve into unreliable yet magical tools to explore a whole new world, a whole new perception. I love it. 

This Aha-moment when yo realize you actually have the power to change your entire being. Golden. Old beliefs, old stigmas, no more. Go out there and redefine who you are.

When the storm we battle becomes our tailwind. When trust grows, trust that there is so much more to experience. Trust that life is friendly. Trust that we - are - worth - it. That's when we make the break.

Feeling in complete harmony with my surroundings, melting into it while my mind drifts to any thought or dream I like... daydreaming... visualizing... that's how the best ideas are born. And if there is someone who can share this moment, who gets it, then it's yet anot...

It doesn't need to be explained how rejuvenating and encouraging it feels to be loved for and with all your layers. 💗 

Cheers to a love that drizzles all the way to your core :)

Those moments when you feel like you want to say something - but no word crosses your lips. When you feel something is missing - but you can't quite grasp what it is. Those are the moments when our little tummy compass tells us "you need a change of course, my dear. Yo...

The world celebrates Valentine's Day - and as romantic as I am - I don't find much liking for this commercialized day to proclaim your love. If anything, I want to celebrate love every single day of the year. Sometimes with a big party, sometimes sitting next to each o...

Too often we feel like we're not who we used to be. Like we were "better" or "kinder" when we were children, before "the world turned us bitter and angry". But no, we will always be the very same person that we were when we entered this life. Life can't make you bitter...

I read an article about a man who left twelve years of abuse by his (now ex-) spouse and it touched me a lot. The daily struggles and nightmares he faced and the slow fading away of his self worth made him almost stay locked up in this nightmare. I met so many people w...

There are moments when it  feels like taking a risk and creating the life of your dreams is the only choice - and it's a good one. Follow your soul urge :-) I used to worry that this means being selfish, but I was so wrong. We are all equipped with something unique and...

Can we measure "LOVE" in one lifetime? Sometimes I wonder if we limit ourselves by thinking everything begins when we are born and ends when we die. What if the story of our love is really ancient and we are connected much more than our mind might rationalize. I see it...

It's too easy to get carried away. 

Everyone who ever felt like his or her heart was broken (romance, friendship, platonic, lovers, doesn't matter) knows that gut wrenching pain and maybe hoping to never have met that person in the first place. The spiritual approach is to find strength in suffering, so...

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