Originally from Germany, I call the US my home since the last time the stock market crashed. That is pretty much symbolic and probably cosmic timing. Out of a new low came a new high.

Like many, I grew up as a shy introvert who would escape into the fantasy world of writing poetry, music and playing theater. Basically anything that allowed me to escape reality. I wrote my first poem at 9 years old and I still have the original childish handwritten piece, it traveled with me overseas and anywhere else I moved (and I moved quite often). 

I get spooked when I read my old poetry, it's almost like I prophesied my future while I was writing away my sorrows and traumas as a young teen. Words are so powerful. 

We all wear more or less scars and wounds of our experiences, I am no different. Sometimes I think "wow, I am not bothered by my past anymore, I embrace it", other times it creeps up and I withdraw into my shell far away from those memories.

But guess what, I'm also a lover, fighter, survivor, romantic, compassionate, always-bouncing-back, creative, gentle, diplomatic and peace-loving woman who adores her (now) teenage son and who would rather hurt myself then someone else, or I'd rather see no one getting hurt altogether.

My poetry is my the outlet that I need to digest my feelings, to let off steam, to remind myself that life is worth living and that everything can be overcome. It also somehow connects the dots when I lose track of my direction.

I love connecting with likeminded people, shared happiness and love are the greatest gift and I think we can truly heal each other and make a difference by using the power of words. We're all part of one greater good and on our own journeys and spiritual evolvement as individuals as much as a greater conscience. Instead of judgement, let's use compassion as answer to anything that differs from our view of the world.

If you're still reading - thank you so much for your patience and interest in getting to know me a bit. I hope you'll enjoy reading some of my poetry, can relate to it, feel stirred up or hopeful, and reach out to me via email or Instagram.

Much love,