• Andie


The world celebrates Valentine's Day - and as romantic as I am - I don't find much liking for this commercialized day to proclaim your love. If anything, I want to celebrate love every single day of the year. Sometimes with a big party, sometimes sitting next to each other silently looking at the stargazed sky, on sad days, on lucky days, every day. However, if this day helps someone to come out of there skin - great! we need more love :)

I'm still daydreaming about if love has an end, if it's infinite, if we love the same people we loved before, in a former space and time. If feelings stay, if this "love", this strong tie, pulls people together no matter where they are, no matter who they are, because they have this purpose together. Too often we find something familiar in a new love's face. Something that calls us, that maybe scares us, that feels so overpowering yet perfectly fitting to what our hearts long for. Drifting through space...


It’s the beauty of the unknown\ that dragged me deeper

Down the road

The scent of unfamiliar grounds\ it pulled me steeper

Awakening forebode

Through star dust drizzled illuminated trust\ drifting towards the

Ascending node

What so uncharted seemed at first\ was not at all a mystery

It was repeated history\ vivacious trickery\ safe bewitchery

Catching star light with my fingertips\ drifting through space

Embracing eternal moments\ at diminished pace

Home is my heart\ gravity pulls to this place

Where you are waiting\ tender familiar face

Everlastingly with you\ my state of grace.