If your relationship was a burning island - would you stay? Most likely not. So what makes us remain in situations that make us feel like we're burning alive? - I wish you self-love so you enter the ship and get away to a brand new destiny.

But what if

The signs are clear, the end is near

The ships are waiting, shaking in fear

Yet I embrace, my mind in haze

The others yell, rush leave this place

I look around, on spinning ground

Turmoil and panic, left profound

They pull away, no one will stay

I stand my ground, the wolves at bay

They creep nearby, I wonder why

This place burns down, darkens the sky

And while I know, the pain will grow

My will runs low, I cannot go

But what if – I whisper sadly

He comes back – I will stay gladly

And while the ships go on their way

I stand in the smoking ruins to stay.

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