Many of us have encountered this species - and no matter how hard we tried, there was no cure. The only way to heal is to move on. Try not to look back in despair, they are suffering deeply. There is just nothing you can do about it. They have to want to see the light. Until then, they'll devour in shadowland. Let's hope they will be brave and leave it behind. But for now, my friend, let go and love yourself.


As the sun sets you stare at the horizon

A wave of heaviness covers your heart

How long have you been compromising

How long have you been falling apart?

The night will soon mask up your sorrow

That’s what you hope you will endure

Then you can live like no tomorrow

In darkness consuming an unholy cure

Recklessly hopeless you’ll feed on the willing

Tearing apart their flesh and their light

Just to find yourself heavily bleeding

Does shared despair make wronging right?

All I can say is I made it out breathing

Collecting my pieces and licking my wounds

Watching the sun rise while I’m believing

I’m back on my road, perfectly attuned.

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