I read an article about a man who left twelve years of abuse by his (now ex-) spouse and it touched me a lot. The daily struggles and nightmares he faced and the slow fading away of his self worth made him almost stay locked up in this nightmare. I met so many people with similar stories, men and women, who faced their darkest moments and almost broke - but in the end their will to be alive was stronger and something happened. They broke free, they escaped.

Everyone who faced a personal breaking point and survived - should feel utterly proud of themselves. You are amazing and deserve to be happy!


I walked through fires, step by step,

Flames consumed me, piece by piece,

Radiating suns spit all their lava

Gleaming rocks evoked fierce trauma

But pacing firmly my skin withheld

Despite the agony I felt

I made it to the blazing end

I let my crumbled core unbend

Unfolding strength covered in ashes

A force can only hurt till it crashes

And smashes into nothing mere

But faded memories of a bygone sphere.


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