Too often we feel like we're not who we used to be. Like we were "better" or "kinder" when we were children, before "the world turned us bitter and angry". But no, we will always be the very same person that we were when we entered this life. Life can't make you bitter. It's you who reacts to it. And never ever ever ever should you ever feel like if that sweet core of yours, that innocent child, left. S/he is there, in your heart. You are still the beautiful being that you are meant to be. Shed those fears, experiences, false beliefs. They serve no purpose. Connect with your softness, find your home, your safe haven and just be.

I used to play in the woods for hours, for days at a time and it was hard to go back into "reality" sometimes. Climbing on trees, smelling the unique scent of the wild moss on the ground, searching for treasures. Sometimes it took me forever to find my way out. I loved it there. The sound of the leaves, the birds chirping, sometimes I'd see a deer. And all I imagined was becoming one with everyone, being friends with all the animals, finding other children who got lost and building tree homes together, with braided flowers in my knotted hair and with dirt covered shredded suspender jeans.

This little Being is still here, in my heart. Where is yours? Go find her/him :)


In the forest, in the back of the green lagoon,

She waited for you to explore the stars and the moon,

She made you listen to the sounds of the night

She made you see that the darkness was bright

Her laughter was sweet like the wind in the trees

Her heart so pure, it made you sink to your knees

You followed her blindly through the wilderness

You felt the waning of ambiguousness

Played hide and seek, laughed and fantasized

Mesmerized, improvised, magnetized

In the moonlight gazing at the green pond

You saw her reflection, you saw far beyond

It was you who was her, she was who you once were

Lovingly she held your hand, light like a feather

Your Innocence and you – are one forever.


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