Aren't we all warriors and wounded ones at some point? Sometimes strong, sometimes gasping for air. And sometimes bitterness clouds everything and all we do is sabotage because we expect yet another storm to wreck our little boat. We all go through it, so why not together :-) Let's wash off the pain and start anew.

The storms you've weathered -

- In the ungracious seas of the moons

they made you sober, way too sober

- The merciless attacks of their harpoons

they made you colder, so much colder

When I told you to let your guard down

You though you'd suffocate, you'd drown

yet here we are dancing in the rain

washing off the sorrows, clearing up the pain

The storms you've weathered -

- I weathered them too

- I made it through

- made myself new

And now - I help you.

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