A friend asked me what I would tell my 20something year old me with the "wisdom" of having lived for another decade. Well there's so much to say of course, but the first thing that came into my mind was "don't worry about losing your dreams and passions if you can't follow them all right now. You will still be the same You and have dreams and desires. That won't change." I don't really care about age anyways, it's just a number. A meaningless number that is attached to the bodysuit we live in, not to our soul. I wish you today that you can listen to the voice of your heart, your soul and core. That you understand that whatever calls you is meant to be. No need to look for logic, just follow your heart.

The True You

Hidden in the smallest particles of your Existence

lies a wonder for you to Explore

day by day you fight it with passive Resistance

to avoid who you are you take on any Distance

rest assured you can't escape your Core.

So many moons and suns you've seen Passing

your essence still remains the Same

when desire enters it feels like Trespassing

yet don't you know it's true you're Compassing

only what is your old souls' to Claim.

There's no purpose if you bypass what you ADORE

for it is engraved in YOUR HEART, in YOUR SOUL, YOUR CORE.

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