Being alive but not living - being stuck in repetitive actions that lead to nowhere, no growth, permanent disconnection... just the thought scares me. I want to become more. I want depth, evolving, feed my desire to become more than yesterday, a better me, a better puzzle piece in this beautiful game called life. Every fleeting moment counts.

Sometimes it seems easier (or even better, more reasonable) to fall into routines, to play it safe. But who is it, who is reasoning? Certainly not one's heart.

Be free, be curious, live fully.

What I fear

What I fear, you ask me

Half laughingly, half scared

Because you know

Whatever it is that unsettles me

May terror you more

It is, I confess,

Not what you expect -

What I fear is

The infinite repetition

Of infinite disconnect,

The endless circle

Of endless emptiness,

The never-ending catch

Of never-ending tribulation.

What I fear, you ask me?

Being stuck in a motion

Which promotes empty


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